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Saturday, December 24, 2011

11-12-24 VIDEOS: Nostalgia Train HD

You might remember the last time I featured a Nostalgia Train themed YouTube playlist not only was the resolution a mediocre 640x480, my camera could only fir about 20 minutes of video on its 1GB xD cards forcing me to be really stingy about leaving the camera running. Well this time I have upgraded to 16GB SD cards that can store nearly 90 minutes of HD video each. Even better my YouTube account has been enabled for unlimited length videos (although at the time this was taken I was still at 15min).

This year I was up in NYC early enough to be on the first northbound trip from Second Ave and I was able to shoot the entire run in two long shots that include the station stops. Unfortunately I was still learning my camera and I made the mistake of taking photos while shooting video, which my camera can do at the expense of disrupting the video. Another huge plus over my previous camera is that I can zoom while shooting video (the old one didn't want you to get zoom noises on the vid).

No need for playlists this time as I am just going to put everything out in the open. Also you might want to click through to YouTube to get for the best effect since resolution on the blog is set to 640c360..

We begin with a Goodfellas style continuous shot taken while I walked from the rear of the Nostalgia Train to the front, through the train itself. The train had only pulled in about 5 minutes before I had gotten there myself and it was still rather empty with the various volunteers getting ready and early bird railfans buzzing about. I was hoping for an uninterrupted take, but my father kept asking questions and one woman stopped me to help take her picture in the R-10 prototype, but I stuck to the rules of the continuous take and left them in :-)

Let's just dive into the main show with the 2011 Nostalgia Train's first run of the morning. Here in part one we get our lineup and proceed from 2nd Ave to 47-50th St. Check out the platform at 34th Street and try to spot the well known SEPTA personality. Unfortunately there were no instances of express running this year.

Part 2 from 47th-50th St through to Queens Plaza. Includes getting off the train at QP and capturing its move into the relay track there.

In this clip you can get a feel for what the NYCS was like in the days before dynamic brakes when even a standard station stop could fill a station with a haze of brakeshoe smoke (which back in the day was probably asbestos or something). By the end of the trip I was blowing all sorts of black gunk out of my nose.

Here we see the conductor working the doors between the cars between Queens Plaza and 21st Ely. In the second video check out some of the inter-car movement. Probably for the best that they now work in their own cabs.

More inter-car movement between 47th-50th St and 42nd St stations southbound.

Arriving at 34th St southbound with a D train racing us on the express track.

We will finish up with one last long video showing the Model Board at W. 4TH Street Tower as little green and blue dots magically turn into a real life Nostalgia Train down on the lower level. The shot continues with a ride all the way to 2nd Ave, although I had to zoom through the RFW giving a bit of the old Chicken Wire effect.

Well I hope you enjoyed the videos. Sorry again for any technical errors. It was my first outing and I should be able to do a lot better in the future.

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