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Saturday, December 24, 2011

11-12-24 PHOTOS: Nostalgia Train HD

If you remember from last week I mentioned that the set would be the last featuring my 2006 Olympus 510UZ camera*, well Christmas came a bit early on 2011 because in this set I will be out on Christmas eve riding the Nostalgia Train with my brand new Cannon SX30 camera with 35x optical zoom and 720p HD video capability. That's right, its time to ride the Nostalgia Train again...only this time in HD!!!

Now while I actually chose to concentrate on taking video this trip as underground lighting leaves a lot to be desired, I did take some still shots which can all be seen here. Also, while I will be featuring some videos in this post, stay tuned for a supplemental video only post that will contain the longer material.

I would like to begin with a quick side-by-side comparison of my old camera vs my new camera. The following two photos of the 526 northbound automatic signal on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor were both taken from the same spot on the Hamilton NJT platform at about the same time of day with the same zoom setting and of course both scaled to ~1280 pixies of resolution (although they are cropped differently). The first is my old camera and the second is my new camera. See if you can taste the difference.

Granted its no DSLR, but I can carry it around in a small bag, not be a juicy target for thieves or the anti-terrorist patrols, not have to buy thousands of dollars in accessories and I don't have to wear one of those tan photographer vests. BTW if you aren't tired yet of looking at the 526 signal, here it is again with Arrow III #1513.

I managed to catch a northbound train of Multi-Levels with ALP-46 #4645 on point. BTW I am still learning the proper ways set up my new camera as well as process the photos so forgive me if things are a touch out of wack for a few sets.

While hanging out at W4th Street waiting to transfer to an that would take me to 2nd Ave, I happened to catch the deadhead Nostalgia train end route to its initial terminal.

 Got some video too. Remember these are now all available in HD so remember to turn up the resolution if your device can handle it.

South end of the Nostalgia train shortly after its arrival at 2nd Ave. Note the nearly empty won't stay that way for long!!

North end of same.

I'm in position at the Railfan Window as some platform bound railfans get a few photos of their own.

The train after arriving at Queens Plaza.

Approach Restricting indication for the move into the layup track.

The empty dispatch office at Queens Plaza. (Don't worry, I'm sure that some TA employees were still being paid for this shift even thought they weren't there ;-) )

The conductor doing his thing with the grips between the cars. Hmm, I don't think the R1/9's are OSHA Compliant :-\

The R-10 prototype #1575.

Vintage fans!

#103 with Doors Open.

#1000 with 381.

North end of the train again as it is ready to depart 2nd Ave later in the day.

Getting off the train for the last time at 34th St.

The Nostalgia Train departing northbound.

10 signal at 34th Street northbound on the express track.

End of a long day at the Hamilton NJT station after being deporisted by Arrow III #1322.

Video of #1322 et al departing.

Well hope you all enjoyed the upgraded visual experience. Stay tuned for the Video portion of the trip and come back next week for SEPTA Mid-Winter trip XI!! (Wow, I'm really catching up.)

*Technically the West Trenton Lunch wasn't the last photo set with my old camera, but I figured people here wouldn't want to see 500 photos of B&O Color Position Lights.

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