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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

08-11-25 VIDEOS: Let's Ride NYC Subway: Episode 2 - (A) Train Fulton Street

Welcome back to another episode of Let's Ride New York City Subway. In today's episode we are going to ride the Fulton Street Line in Brooklyn between Hoyt Street and 72nd St Grant Ave. We will be riding this line in an R40M made by the St. Louis Car Company (a division of General Steel Industries).

Not allowing myself to be deterred by that cap in the first Episode we begin at Lafayette Ave on the express run to Nostrand Ave. Nothing special about the routing, I was just a little late out of the gate with the video. Despite being a local station Lafayette Ave has an interlocking tower just visible on the right. Also note passing an R38 on the C at Franklyn Ave.

Next up, Nostrand ave to Utica Ave. We are slowed down a little bit into Utica due to workers on the tracks.

Next stop after Utica Ave is Broadway ENY. There is a tower at Utica, but it is only open as needed. Note the A train of R44 charging into the station on the opposite platform as we depart.

Moving right along we now express to the former end of express/local service at Euclid Ave. During this run we are passed by 2 R44 trains on the northbound A.

Finally we take the small local hop to Grant Ave. Euclid ave tower to the right at the start of the video. Trains used to terminate at 72nd St until service was moved onto the Liberty Ave El.

Well I felt so bad about messing up the video out of Hoy street eastbound that I decided to make up for it with a westbound video. So here we have Nostrand Ave to Hoyt St eastbound in an R40 Slant. Again we pass an R38 at Franklyn Ave,

Well that's it for this episode of Let's Ride New York City Subway. Stay tuned for more episodes.

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