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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

08-11-25 PHOTOS: (A) Train Lefferts Time Warp

Remember when the NYC Subway used to be cool? Well I do because a year ago when the MTA's plan to take out a City Equity Loan to finance $1 billion dollars worth of new rolling stock was going into full swing I embarked on a concerted effort to visit the city more and document what was soon to be lost.

Now because most of the RFW equipped cars ran underground most of my documentation efforts came in video form, but when the trains would emerge from their subterranean lairs I could take some pictures the old fashioned way. One of these occasions was on the Liberty Ave el between Grant Ave and Lefferts Ave in Queens. In an ironic twist of fate things got cooler before they got lame with all sorts of fun R trains appearing on the A.

You can see ALL of the photos at by CLICKING THIS LINK or just some of the photos by reading on.

You might also remember that a year ago we were in the midst of a major financial meltdown. To commemorate this event I took a picture of this Banker waiting for a train at the Wall Street (A)(C) station.

Moving on here is a shot of the tower at Hoyt St. You can make out the model board and the GRS Model 5 pistol grip interlocking machine.

Here the A train mounts the liberty El just past Grant Ave.

Number 30 signal at the intelrocking at 80th St.

R44 #5400 emerges from the hole at Rockaway Blvd interlocking.

Liberty Junction tower with the remainder of the Rockaway Branch R44 train snaking by in front of it.

Train of R44's at 104th St station.

Approaching Lefferts Ave with a train on the center layup track.

Crossing over at Lefferts Ave with an R44 already at the platform and the LEFFERTS tower in the middle.

Lefferts tower with an R44 on one side and my train of R40M's on the other.

On my return trip I decided to stop off at Rockaway Blvd station to take some additional photos of the action and I was not disappointed as a train of R40's quickly showed up.

Man, I loved that nose. The R40S's will always be one of my favourite cars.

Here is that train departing.

The cool slant was followed by a dumpy old R44.

Bah, let's finish up with some more pictures of the slant!

Well, let's really finish up with a night shot of the NJT Metutchen Station.

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