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Saturday, June 30, 2007

07-06-30 PHOTOS: Chicago From Above

Here's another little blurb of pics from my trip to Chicago. They consist of be running around taking some night shots as well as the photos I took from the Sears Tower. Using the 10x optical zoom on my camera I was able to zoom in to many of the area rail terminals and interlockings.

When I went to Chicago with American Pig he had the assiduity to insist that we do some "NON" railfan activities. These includes some walks up the Magnificent Mile to the old Chicago Water Tower, visiting Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park and the Navy Pier.

We also had to talk a nighttime walk up the mile, but that let me go down and take some pics of Chicago's lower level. Interesting how Chicago was able to elevate on top of its previous incarnations while New York City is still at ground level.

You can find all of the photos at:

This is a smaller upload so its pretty manageable to get through them all.

As usual here are some samples.

Here's the Buckingham Fountain of Married With Children fame. Today it changes colours using LED lamps.

Hancock Tower and Water Tower in the daytime.

  ...and the same at night.

These huge face screens spit water at people as they frolic around below them. I guess people have different definitions of fun in Chicago.

Here is the famous Cloud Gate sculpture from the outside, and from within.

And the Pritzker Pavilion designed by Frank Gehry. Gee, who could tell.

Here's the Library, moments before some black dude tries to lure us somewhere to buy cut rate merchandise..aka rob us.

I think this is definitely Lower Whacker Drive.

If I'm not mistaken here's the Picasso in the Honourable Richard J Daley Plaza.

Here I caught an LD Amtrak train pulling into the yard.

Amtrak LAKE ST tower.

METRA Train pulling out of the CNW Station.

16TH ST Interlocking.



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