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Thursday, June 28, 2007

07-06-28 PHOTOS: Riding the Lake Shore Limited

This summer around the first of July I took a trip to Chicago with fellow Subchatter American/Spider Pig. The purpose of the trip was to go and see BRIGHTON PARK crossing before it was ruined by the powers that be. However I also got to do some CTA riding as well as walk around Chicago.

I caught the LSL at Penn and then picked up Pigs at Buffalo "Pepe" DePew station. Using the "loud conversation/cellphone" loophole we were able to spend a good deal of time in the rear vestibule and after waking up around South Bend I took a good deal of photos as she dashed in to Chicago.

I was happy to see that the PRR PL gantries at CP-509 (Quad Draws) were still in place, but 21ST ST had been completely ruined with all the air switches turned electric.

This is the first of around 4-5 batches of photos from this trip. I should have the next one ready in a week or so.

You can see all of the photos at:

Or just be lazy and see a few here.

Three sleepers and a real diner on the LSL at Albany.

CP-482 at Porter where the Amtrak Michigan Line joins the Chicago Line.  CP-482 is notable for its use of small target Michigan Central style searchlight signals on modern tubular signal gantries

 PRR signal bridge at CP-506.

 Brand new NS SD70M-2 #2749 waiting with a doublestack train at CP-509.

 Endangered PRR Bridge at CP-509 with NS 2749 waiting in the wings.

PRR signal bridge and the Quad Draws at CP-509.

 Endangered PRR PR gantry automatic signal at MP 511.

 These PL's at CP-513 appear to be safe for now.

 The CP-ENGLEWOOD diamonds where the PRR main line crosses the former Rock Island main line.  The former NY Central alignment used to turn north here towards La Salle st Station.


Finally in Amtrak territory I caught this TOFC train passing the opposite way through 21ST ST crossing.

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