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Thursday, February 8, 2007

07-02-08 PHOTOS: California Line Cable Cars

Last year when I attended a conference in San Fran I had enough time budgeted to ride the Powell and Hyde cable car lines. This year when I was there for RSA, I decided to ride the remaining, albeit rather boring, California Line. This line runs along California Ave, straight back and forth, with double ended cars. The grades aren't as severe as the other two lines and the line doesn't really pass anything interesting. Still, I needed to ride them all at some point so I set out on a rainy morning before he conference began to get my ride in.

Nothing much happened so I might as well just give you the link to the pix and some teasers. Note that I have ordered "line tour" images for both eastbound and westbound trips down the line.

#53 climbing the grade.

#60 leaving Van Ness.

Green signal at the Powell diamonds.

Make sure to use your parking brake...if it will do any good.

You can see the bay bridge.

Crossover at Montgomery.

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