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Monday, February 5, 2007

07-02-05 PHOTOS: Caltran Caltrain II

With great memory card capacity comes great responsibility. Since my new camera's memory card can hold about 5x as many photos as my old one I have been taking many more photos in each batch and thus this has been one of the reasons it had been taking me so long to process photos. To help improve this situation I am breaking some of the sets up to release the photos in a more timely fashion.

Back in Feb I was back in San Fran attending the 2007 RSA Security Conference. Just like last year I took a quick trip down to San Jose via the Caltran Caltrain. I mostly took pictures out the rear railfan window on the Metra-style gallery equipment of the signals and whatnot, but I got a few other good shots of trans and what not. The weather was kinda crappy so the photos aren't the best, and I was still getting used to the features on my new camera.

You can see all the photos at:

And of course a little sample of what lies within.

Here is my Southbound local at Milbrae.

 Track worker at San Carlos as we pass a northbound train.

A departing Northbound local at CP-JULIAN with F40 #914.

Dual stack Unilens signal with power detail at the San Jose terminal.

An ACE train pulling into San Jose at CP-COAST with F40 #3106.

My first photograph of a Rio Grand unit.  In this case SD40-2 #1351 with UP B40-8 #1836 behind.

UP GP38-2 #1035 was the third unit in the lashup.

Disc brake of a bomber bi-level unit.

The preserved CLARA tower at Santa Clara.

Well that's it for this time.  If you like boring pictures of signals be sure to check out the rest of the set.

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