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Saturday, October 14, 2006

06-10-14 PHOTOS Buffalo Line Interlockings

The Buffalo Line is like a massive living museum of PRR Signaling. The line was resigned for CTC sometime back when the PRR was in charge so neither the PC, Conrail or NS have seen fit to change anything. In fact, most of the relay huts have little keystones on them. Moreover, there are pneumatic interlockings everywhere, even where you wouldn't expect, i.e. at interlockings with only 1 or 2 switch machines.

On my way home from chasing the Fall Foliage express I was able to stop and take pictures at CP-LINDEN, CP-SOUTH LINDEN, CP-RIVER and CP-KASE and I would have hit some more had I not needed to catch a train at Harrisburg.

You can see all the signally goodness at:

Oh those, LINDEN, SOUTH LINDEN and RIVER make up a wye just south of Williamsport, PA. Here's a little diagram I found.

Since then the second track now starts at LINDEN instead of SOUTH LINDEN. Oddly enough, despite the 1980's re-alignment, a pneumatic switch machine was installed.'s a little tour.

This pedestal signal used to be on the through track, but when everything was re-aligned it can only display diverging routes. Still, the lamp for the CLEAR aspect has been retained!

The air-plant at LINDEN has a pipeline and everything even tho it only used to serve a single switch.

The PRR signal gantry at LINDEN.

 SOUTH LINDEN used to have a turnout onto the siding here, but it was moved to LINDEN.

Still, I found the old A-5 switch machine in the weeds. Anyone have a pickup truck and some 3 in 1 oil? The abandoned base for its CP value and pipeline were still there with the paint looking strangely fresh.

SOUTH LINDEN has a rather long pipeline from its air plant to its one remaining switch.

Here's an oddity. The south wye track was equipped with little pot signal automatics next to the home signals.

 CP-RIVER is the other part of the wye. This had a 1980's Conrail installed Michigan Central style mast with small target SA-searchlight signals.

It also has an old model electric M3 machine.

You can also see the dwarf automatic next to the PRR dwarf home signal.

CP-KASE is in Sunbury where the D&H line (formerly PRR) interchanges with the Buffalo line. Today Canadian Pacific freight trains enter here and run down to Harrisburg. 

The interlocking logic is still housed in a nearby station buildinge that also housed the Buffalo Line CTC console back in PRR times.

It used to have a single pneumatic switch, but it was recently upgraded to an electric M3. The old air plant has been discarded on site.

On the buffalo the PRR PL's are still going strong.

But the D&H recently replaced the PRR home signal coming off it's branch. However cool signaling is not dead. Canadian railroads have always had a thing for searchlight signals and the new mast has the modern equivalent, SafeTran Unilens signals.

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