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Monday, October 9, 2006

06-10-09 PHOTOS: Far rockaway Circle

On Columbus Day I hooked up with Pigs and went on a little circle trip. I started at Penn Station and took the LIAR out to Far Rockaway and simply returned via an A train.

My goal was to try to get an M-1 on the LIRR and then an R-38 on the A. I arrived at Penn Station early as to have my choice of trains to Jamaica. I wanted for 40 minutes before giving up and catching an M-7...however had I waited one more train I could have gotten an M-1/3 (although I would not have had any time at Jamaica for photos).

At Jay I met pigs and transfered to an M-7 out to Far Rock. It was my first M-7 ride and i discovered that they are absolutely useless for railfanning. There is literally no point to to railfanning in an M-7. You're better off staying at home. They are a waste of time and money.

At Far Rock we made the walking transfer b/t the Far Far Rockaway and Near Far Rockaway stations to pick up the A train. I worried having to wait some time for an R-38, but we were lucky and only had to wait 1 headway. We also saw the R160 on it's field trials (Boooo!!). I did not realize that the building at the end of the platform was MOTT AVE tower.

We boarded the R38 and despite the window being rather dirty, I got good front end shots all the way to the portal at Euclid Ave. That's pretty much it for the trip. I will post samples below.

All the photos can be found at:

 The Jamaica Yard complex as seen from the eastbound Main Line flyover.

JAY tower still routing trains through the interlocking after 70+ years in service.

HALL tower with M-3's and the triple deck relay hut trying to re-wire the interlocking. I like the old brick package.

 Doubleslip switch in HALL interlocking.

Rear of VALLEY tower controlling the junction of the Babylon Branch, West Hempstead Branch and Far Rockaway branches also on a 1930's era US&S Model 14 machine. 

 Bagged pedestal signals indicate that the VALLEY interlocking plant is scheduled for some re-signaling efforts. :-(

 Our A train of R38 cars waiting at Far Rockaway - Mott Ave station.

 Outbound R38's on the line to Far Rock.

 R44's seen while approaching the junction with Hammel's Wye.  Not sure who the guy in the cab is.

 The HAMMELS WYE interlocking tower.  Inside if a 33 lever US&S Style 'C' unit lever interlocking machine controlling the wye and Broad Channel bridge.

The South channel bridge.

 Another train of R44's in the test track section on the Far Rockaway causway.

The newly refurbished Howard Beech Station which seems to be affiliated with a local airport of some kind.

This is the location at the Aquaduct Station where a conductor was killed due to a close clearance security fence.

The Liberty Ave tower.  Inside is a GRS model N-X interlocking machine.

And that brings us to the tunnel parts where cameras don't work.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, remember THERE ARE MORE PICS IF YOU FOLLOW THE LINK.

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