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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

06-05-03 PHOTOS: San Francisco Transit

Ok, here is part two of my San Francisco Trip photos. Over the course of the conference I had some time to get around San Fran an ride the various modes of transit. I bought a weekly MUNI pass and tried to ride as many lines as possible. I managed to get out to West Portal, the Light Rail Center at Balboa Parque where the JKM lines terminate. I also encountered things like Trolley Buses, Cable Cars and scary 70's decor. I also grabbed some night shots of things like City Hall and a classic BART/MUNI sign.

I paid a second visit down to the 4th and King Caltrain terminal to grab some more shots of the A-5 Pneumatic Switches and Caltrain Locomotives Unfortunately they LOCK the doors to the platform after the train leaves so you can get out there to take pix...but you can't come back.

Also when I was down there I took some pics of the N Line terminal along with the new T light rail line. Speaking of the N Jeudah, I rode it all the way to the Ocean Beach terminal. I will say that the trip time was fucking slow. The line is in serious need of light pre-emption and stop elimination. Once at Ocean Beach I decided to throw caution to the wind and go touch the pacific ocean. Of course the ocean wasn't the only thing there to greet me. BTW, the SF beach looked like ass...and that's comming from a New Jerseyian.

Finally, I got some pictures of the famous bridges. Here's the Golden Gate and a sweet pic of the Oakland Bay Bridge..

The rest of the pics can be found at:

Hmmm, this trolley looks familliar...almost like something I've seen in Philly once...but nah...that's on a totally different coast!!!

Lots of action at West Portal with ah (M) train heading in bound passing through the half-grand junction.

Notice the new Jct for the T-Line down at the 4th and King Street Caltrain terminal.

Cable car rolling free after being turned on the market Street turntable.

Mann...these streetcars so can stretch around a loop!!! Give me a K-Car any day.

I love that 70's decor for the BART and MUNI signs.

Thanks to the complete lack of any forward view on BART and its trains that stretch end to end on the platforms, there weren't too many photo ops on the few rides I took.

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