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Thursday, May 4, 2006

06-05-04 PHOTOS: San Francisco Cable Cars

Heh, I know it took two months, but I finally processed all of the pics from my trip to San Fran back in May. (2013 note, my backlog would grow to nearly 11 months by 2010).

This third and final set was taken on the morning of my departure. I got up early and rode all of the "interesting" Cable lines. I went down to Hyde Beach, took some pix of the Golden Gate Bridge, got back on it and Rode to Market, got on a Powell, rode down to Bay, then back to Mason where I transferred to a Hyde again, then back down to Beach and finally all the way back to Market.

In the photo sets I compiled two nice phototours of both the Hyde and Powell lines. so you can enjoy those. I also got pics of most of the cars out that day.

You can see the full set of pics at:

#28 on Mason St

#27 rounds the curve onto Powell

#23 at the Beach turntable

 Cars 18 and 22 pulling into the beach terminal.

#4 Cresting at the California Summit. Look, I also found a tower :-)

I have found it is generally considered acceptable to hi-5 people on opposing cable cars.

No punching for your lineup here.  Junction of the Hyde and Mason lines.

#20 waiting to come out of the carbarn

 Car #27 approaching the Market St terminal.

Alert Bob Diamond, I found another of his trolleys XD

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