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Friday, March 22, 2013

13-03-22 GUEST PHOTOS: Train 170

About 2 years ago a friend of mine was able to take advantage of a rear vestibule ride on early morning Amtrak Regional Train 170 and provided me with a set of photos to process and upload. Well it took me a while, but I finally got them. The set covers the NEC from Philly to Boston and dates from March of 2013 so it's a bit of a step back in time. Unfortunately, the early morning time slot resulted in a lot of the pictures being dark or blurry.

Still, with an 6 hour running time the morning darkness had lifted as the train pulled out of New York so the second half of the run has better coverage. You can find the whole set right here

We begin with a rather dark and grainy photo of an inbound SEPTA R7 train as it approaches the North Philadelphia station on an early weekday morning.

Passing an outbound train if SL-V at Cornwells Heights.

SEPTA AEM-7 #2304 departing Trenton.

Two NJT Arrow III trainsets passing at New Brunswick.

More NJT action just east of Metropark with an eastbound Arrow III local passing a westbound push-pull express.

Outbound Arrow III trainset about to take the diverging signal at ELMORA.

Passing outbound NJT ALP-46 #4647 at SWIFT while an inbound Mid-town direct waits on the ramp.

Rounding the curve into the North River tunnels T170 passed outbound AX power car #2037.

Passing through HAROLD interlocking we see an inbound DM30 train and a Restricting indication on one of the PRR PLs.

Eastbound Amtrak AX power car #2019 on the curve at GATE.

Early morning Hell Gate Bridge.

HHP-8 hauled southbound Regional Train 141 taking the signal at PELLHAM BAY.

Inbound M-8's at Mamaroneck.

Acela power car #2025 at SS26 PIKE.

Inbound M2's on #2 track at Rye.

For anyone who didn't know the SS29 COS COB drawbridge is actually two bridges in one. Here the track 1-3 span has been raised before the 2-4 span.

 Inbound M-8 express trainset passes a local at Greenwich. 

Long train of M-2/4/6's at Stamford Yard.

HHP-8 haulted Train 95 at Rowayton.

More M-8's at South Norwalk.

 Inbound AX train 2155 overtaking an MNRR local at the SS52 SAGA bridge.

Another train of M-2/4/6's at Central.

P&W B39-8E #3909 sitting on a Shore Line siding at Branford.

New Haven tower SS119 at Groton.

I count 9 cars on Train 93, seen departing Mystic. Isn't that a bit long?

AX power car #2028 seen after departure from Providence.

MTBA F40PH-2C #1054 at Boston South Station.

AEM-7 #905 paired with MBB car car #1524 at South Station.

Below Amtrak's South Statio, an MTBA Red Line 1800 Series train rumbles into the Red Line platforms. These are the "new" cars on the Red Line having been delivered in 1994.

Downeaster and MTBA cab cars at North Station.

The now closed WALTHAM tower.

Videos of inbound and outbound MTBA trains stopping at Waltham Station and powered by F40PH locomotives #1005 and #1010.

Well that's it. Next week we return to the present with an ode to Death and Taxes.

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