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Thursday, April 24, 2014

14-04-24 PHOTOS: A-Line Scraps

It is once again time to head down the Eastern Seaboard Coast to visit my friend in Georgia. For those of you who are unaware the process involves a daylight trip on Amtrak Train 79, the Carolinian, all the way to Greensboro, NC where I then change to Train 19, the Crescent, to complete the trip down to Gainesville, GA. This year there was a bit of a hiccup in that my Train 79 was suffering an initial delay of almost an hour which would not be made up throughout the course of the trip. This gave me a little extra time to take videos of the non-delayed trains passing me by at Baltimore's Penn Station.

If you want to see the whole set of photos they are located here

We begin with AEM-7 #928 arriving with a southbound Regional.

A little while later northbound Acela Express lead by power car 2005 arrived on the opposite track.

After that a southbound MARC local departed from Track 5 with MP36PH-3C #29 pushing.

I was waiting for a while as eventually another northbound Acela turned up with power car #2035.

As this departed it passed my late arriving train 79 with AEM-7 #910 just north of the platforms. Once on the road Amtrak dropped us behind a MARC local train which cost us another 17 minutes.

In DC the lineup of P42DC's waiting on power change duty included #48, #71 and #115.

#1750 was our Heritage baggage car this day.

On the lower level of DC's Union Station Train 79 exchanged AEM-7 #910 for P42DC #139. While shooting that video a northbound Regional with P42DC #117 arrived on the adjacent track.

South of DC we passed Amtrak's Lorton, VA AutoTrain terminal.

The lateness situation was not made any better by a number of MoW possessions on the RF&P sub combined with freight congestion. Here is an example of the congestion at FEATHERSTONE interlocking.

Being passed by Train 94 just south of Quantico

MoW work at ARKENDALE interlocking.

Work for the new Spotsylvania Station was in evidence around XR interlocking south of Fredericksburg. This station will be built in the gap between Fredericksburg and the storage yard at XR.

Being passed by Train 92 at MD interlocking in Millford, VA. Normally we pass this train at Richmond.

Heading southbound through the Doswell, VA complex including the C&O diamonds.

Our engine, P42DC #139, at Richmond.

CSX ES44AC #852 and SD70MAC #4817 waiting to head northbound from Acca yard in Richmond. 

CSX AC4400 #313 and some friends waiting at WEST AY interlocking south of Acca Yard.

Meeting the northbound juice train north of Petersburg.

Video from the rear of the train as it passes by Collier Yard and the new BX interlocking for the Norfolk Regional trains to connect with the NS main line.

Passing train 90, the northbound Palmetto, near Emporia, VA. Normally we pass this train closer to Rocky Mount.

Between Petersburg and Rocky Mount there was a lot of work being done on the main track requiring lots of ducking and weaving via the sidings. Here is a short video montage of these moves. Interlockings featured are, in order... MEADOW, STONY CREEK, JARRETT, FOX and SOUTH ELM CITY.

There were still a few surviving Seaboard style signals left on the line after the recent re-signaling project such as this pair at MP 114 north of Rocky Mount.

CSX SD70MAC #4704 waiting outside DI interlocking at the Rocky Mount yard.

At the south end of Rocky Mount yard was CSX SD40-2 #8058 with a shoving platform.

South of that was a surviving Seaboard Coast Line two-track signal bridge with US&S searchlight signals.

CSX GP40-2 #6927 is paired with former GP30 road slug #2326 and was found sitting south of Voit Wilson, NC.

New signals in service at Selma, NC.

After our arrival in Greensboro, NC I hoofed it to be able to get this shot of Train 79 and P42DC #139 passing through the downtown.

Past midnight I was up on the platform waiting for Train 19 when a northbound NS intermodal and autorack train passed through with C40-9 #8871 and ES44AC #8137.

Over on track #2 the signal at ELM interlocking was displaying a Clear indication for the approaching Train 19.

Next time I'll cover my tine in Georgia and the trip back north.

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