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Saturday, February 28, 2015

15-02-28 PHOTOS: Shore Line Snow

Back in February I took an early morning Amtrak train up to Boston for an event. Normally I would have been tempted to take the overnight train 66, however it is about 2 hours slower than other Regional trains, is full of loud party-goers all the way to NYC and finally i find it nearly impossible to fall asleep on until departure from NYC since I normally stay up late. Combined with surprisingly heavy travel that might make getting a seat pair impossible I have developed a real loathing for T66.

This time instead of catching T66 at ~10pm and suffering through until 3am, I just stayed up until 4am and caught the next day's Train 190. This was a far better strategy. I instantly fell asleep upon boarding and didn't really wake up until well past New Haven. Unfortunately the timing of the train and the nature of the event somewhat limited the photos I could take, but I figured I should post them anyway.

First up are a pair of P&W GP30-2's #2006 and 2009 working the Providence Yard.

In case you hadn't heard, Boston received a record amount of snow this year so it's good that the point heaters were doing their job. Here Train 190 passes through PAWTUCKET interlocking.

New Haven RR interlocking towers SS 154 "Lawn" and SS156 "Boston Switch".

Three track RoW south of Attleboro on the 150mph section.

Four tracks at Attleboro.

Passing SS165 Attleboro tower.

Meeting an outbound MBTA commuter train at HOLDEN interlocking.

Of course thanks to my GoPro I was also able to shoot video at the same time. Unfortunately the blowing snow began to cloud the rear window forcing me to cut the video early.

Side window shot of AEM-7 #941 departing from South Station.

On an unrelated trip a few days later I was back in South Jersey catching PATCO. Here is Budd built married pair with #234 arriving at Haddonfield.

A low rumble in the distance heralded an outbound Atlantic City train with Comet V cab car #6063 in the lead.

Video of the same as it passes through the Haddonfield Trench with GP40PH-2B #4215.

I'll finish up with this photo of SEPTA SL-IV #442 at 30th St Station.

Next week I'll be featuring a set of guest photos from 2013 so stay tuned!

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