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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

12-06-13 PHOTOS: California Zephyr Scenery

I know what you're all saying. Didn't this guy finish posting all the photos from his epic cross country trip months ago? Well you would be right, I did post all of my photos, but I was also traveling with a second unit / B Camera who took the time to take some pictures from perspectives different from straight out the back of the last car.

An attempt to get my Second Unit director to process and color correct the photos himself ultimately failed so I had to go back and do it all myself and now they are in a proper state for release. These photos will cover the entire scenery enabled part of the Zephyr trip between San Francisco and Denver. Also these are not just straight scenery photos, but also include a little bit of railroad action so don't think that you'll only see shrubs and trees.

You can see the whole set of photos right here.

We begin heading out past the Oakland Bay with pacific fog shrouding one of the mountains in the Marin Headlands. Click here for a wider version.

In this eastbound view of the Bay I noticed that the Benicia-Martinez bridge is in the raised position. By the time my train eventually reached it the span had been replaced in the preferred position for rail traffic.

Mountain valley on the west side of the Donner Pass.

Amtrak train 6 about to take the Clear signal at the MP 172 automatic as it fights up the grade to the Donner Pass.

Train 6 entering the tunnel at Mp 175.

Amtrak Train 6 taking the signal at SHED 10 interlocking. All the interlockings on this part of the line are covered by snow sheds.

Here is an eastbound view of the Donner Pass that I-80 uses.

Train 6 rounding a curve as it approaches the summit. Anyone up for skiing.

Passing under the Sugar Bush ski lift at the point of the Sierra-Nevada summit.

Donner Lake and the site of the Donner settlement.

Train 6 passing under the Milepost 201 signal bridge.

Passing a train of empty COFC racks alongside the Truckee River.

Train 6 passing over the Truckee River.

The old Amtrak Reno Station which served trains when they were at street level.

Hot day as passengers mill about in the Reno Trench.

CLEAR signal for our train at the West End of the HAFED siding.

Brown hills, green grass and blue water.

 Nevada desert salt flat.

Hills reflecting the setting sun.

Twilight on the rails.

Twilight on the rails.

Green River, UT station.

I'm a gulch!

COFC racks there to carry Uranium mine tailings to a safe disposal site.

The ghost town of Cisco, UT.

Canyon walls with stored hopper cars.

West end RUBY siding.

Pole line and the Colorado River.

Slide fence and unstable rocks.

East yard interlocking at the UP freight yard in Grand Junction, CO.

Train 6 along side the Colorado River.

Red rocks at MP 148 on the Moffat Sub.

Crossing what I think is still the Colorado River at MP 144.

Big sky and green hills.

Our two engines, #47 and #165 at the Radium siding.

Best photo of the entire set...Train 6 in and out of Tunnel 38 in the Gore Canyon.

The Gore Canyon looking westbound.

Canyon walls looking up.

Rapids looking down.

MP 88 searchlight automatic signal in the Byers Canyon.

MP 87.5 dragging equipment detector in Byers canyon.

River valley approaching Winter Park, CO.

As we come down out of the Rockey Mountains and leave the interesting scenery behind engines 47 and 165 take the Clear signal at the west end of the ROCKY siding.

Sorry for the large amount of photos, but like I said riding the California Zephyr results in scenery overload. Next week tune in for another Blast from the Past as I go back and cover SEPTA Mid-Winter trip II.

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