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Sunday, June 22, 2014

14-06-22 PHOTOS: Limited Content

So with the last few B&O CPL signals vanishing quickly from the B&O Main Line, there isn't a lot for me to document from the back of Train 30, Amtrak's Capitol Limited. Still, I did have a few sections of the grade between Connelsville and Cumberland to catch up on as well as the segment between Hancock and Harpers Ferry, WV so this is what will close up my 2014 Transcontinental Amtrak Trip.

You can check out all the photos from this set right here.

We kick off the final set at Connelsville, PA with CSX ES44AC #3121 waiting for us to pull out of SODEM interlocking.

The Amtrak Connelsville, PA station was upgraded in a stimulum project.

The new signals at GREENE JCT, which were placed in service a few weeks after my 2013 trip. Note how CSX will gladly throw away almost new CPLs to save a few $, but won't try to align its home signals to save on an extra cantilever mast.

Another ES44AC sitting on the siding track east of GREENE JCT with a loaded coal train.

 The new CASPARIS interloking replaced a spring switch at the end of the siding.

Re-signaled in 2007, this part of the Keystone Sub remained operating under Rule 251 until this past year. This required the installation of additional solar panels.

The CTC project replaced this former hand throw crossover and temporary block station HK TOWER with a new interlocking featuring hand throw switches and restricted speed movements. Progress!

Taking the track 2 route at Confluence I got the chance to get some photos of the daylighted Benford Tunnel.

The daylighted Pinkerton Tunnel, as seen in last year's trip.

The old station and helper base at Rockwood.

B&O Allegheny Summit with a pair of helpers (ES44AC #806 and AC4400 #304) pushing a coal train over the top.

On the lead was AC4400 #250.

As my GPS clicks over to 3000 miles (from Oakland) Train 30 overtakes a rare AC6000 #635 near Hyndman, PA.

A mish-mash of engines near Cumberland, MD including C40-8W #7761, C40-8W #7885, a rusty SD40-2 #8461, MP15T #1223 and 3GS21B #1316.

ES44AC #893 waiting at Virginia Ave in Cumberland.

SD40-2 #8226 performing some switching work in Cumberland Yard.

SD40-2 #2431 pushing a string of cars up and over the hump.

CSX AC4400 #535 with HLCX lease SD40-2 #6382 sits across from a westbound freight waiting at MEXICO with C40-8 #7629 as Train 30 splits the difference.

Looks like time is up for one of my favorite signaling locations as the DANS RUN CPLs are up for replacement.

Bit of a traffic jam on the scale track with AC4400 at the end of one train and waiting behind C40-10W #5429 leading a mixed freight.

After passing the Clear westbound signal at GREENS SPRING I activated video mode to shoot the entire Magnolia Cutoff to Orleans Road.

Moving ahead to Martinsburg we find new MARC MP36PH-3C #24 attached to a trainset while GP39-2H #72 waits in reserve.

Single level cab car #7746 is coupled to some remaining Pullman Gallery Cars acquired from METRA.

Getting passed by ES44AC #949 while stopped at Martinsburg.

Amtrak's Union switching substation at DC's Union Station.

Well Mission Accomplished! Amtrak P42DC #146 at Washington DC's Union Station capping off a 3150 mile journey.

Epilogue: This trip is dedicated to my father or regrettably passed away 9 months after these photos were taken.

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