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Thursday, October 6, 2011

11-10-06 PHOTOS: Silverliner II Consolation

On October 6th, 2011 the Philadelphia Phillies lost the 5th game of the National League Divisional Series in an embarassing and painful to watch 1-0 loss with the only run coming the first inning. Had that been my only activity that day it probably would have ranked amoung my most disappointing. However, before the the game I had gone out with Phil Nasadowski to help him get some footage for his Silverliner II 16mm film, and to both of our delights II's and III's were out and plentiful with several sets running all day on the R5 and more sets appearing in the peak periods.

I trip started at Jenkintown, having just missed a train of II's at Glenside. Jenkintown provided a handy parking space so Phil and I could just catch the first II to wherever and not have to worry about his car. When a train of II's did show up we rode them out to Paoli and then caught a different set back in to Center City before trying to find some set of II's on the R3 routing to West Trenton. We eventually had to settle on a train of IV's to Bethayres where another railfan met us and gave us a ride back to Jenkintown for us to set up camp and film the parade going past.

Anyway you can see the entire set of photos, which includes a PRR Main Line survey section due to a friendly crew providing a rear vestibule ride on the inbound R5 leg of our trip, right here.

After getting dropped off at Jenkintown to meet Phil one of the II/III replacements including SL-V single #715 shows up as a non-revenue test train.

Shortly there after a short turning SL-IV train with #411 pulled out of the pocket track at Jenkintown.

And proceeded to cross over south of the station after a bit of wrong railing.

The first train of II's soon arrived on a Malvern train with #252 in the lead.

This we took all the way out to Paoli station where we decided to disembark so I could get this photos of 252 ready to accept the Clear signal on the 12L at PAOLI interlocking.

#215 was the last car on that train here shown pulling out as a train of SL-IVs pulls in on #1 track.

The next eastbound R5 consisted of IV's with #153 on the front.

 The next outbound was also IV's with #385 and PAOLI tower in the background.

After that it was Keystone time with Metroliner cab car #9634 on point. Thanks to both the SL-IIs and III's those vintage Metroliners were the third oldest piece of equipment we rode that day.

After the stationmaster came out to accuse Phil, myself and another Amtrak employee we were railfanning with of being terrorists our fortune improved when Silverliner II #Ox100 arrived on an eastbound R5.

We were treated to a rear vestibule ride in #9007 which was exhibiting a bit of a black mold problem :-D

The PRR Position Light signal gantries were out in good form that day.

At BRYN MAWR we passed the westbound Pennsylvanian.

Speaking of Bryn Mawr, the old BRYN MAWR tower is still hanging in there despite needing some roof work.

The fully loaded signal bridge at Ardmore.

Overbrook station, tower and westbound signal gantry showing a Clear on track #4.

Junction with the inbound R6 Cynwyd track at VALLEY interlocking showing the old 52nd St Station platform.

The re-construction of the 40th St road bright has brought about the replacement of the 27 automatic signal (inside ZOO interlocking limits) with a colourized variety.

New LED Amber position lights at the entrance to the new SEPTA portion of the old ZOO interlocking.

The new SEPTA West Philadelphia substation which will replace the aging Amtrak West Philadelphia switching station.

Powlerton Yard. Can you spot the Silverliner II?

Silverliner IV #165 next to another survivor...Comet I #2460 on the ready tracks at Powlerton.

SEPTA #452 departing Betharyes.

Finally returning to Jenkintown the Silverliner IIs were plentiful, but generally restricted to R5 routings depriving Phil of the R3 diverging shot he so wanted. Here we see 260 and 266 heading to Lansdale.

Someone had raided the fridge as that train only consisted of a 5-pack of Budd. The numbers were 215, 9008, 266, 260 and 2012.

Next up was another solid set of 4 Budds containing 207, 253, 268 and 202.

 SL-III #223 got into the mix on the next train along with SL-IIs 203, 261 and 258

#Ox100 was back again westbound this time at Jenkintown here positing in front of the 30/10 Temporary Speed Restriction.

Outbound R3 with #448 passing a Bomber set waiting its call to service in the Jenkintown siding.

The set with 207, 253, 268 and 202 returns this time with the ultra rare Claymont, DE destination. 

SEPTA AEM-7 #2303 pulls out for its deadhead run downtown where it will then load up and make its one express run of the evening.

Things went a little lobsided as an outbound train with III III's and a II arrived en route to Warminster with #226 on point.

#229 was on the rear.

Just before I caught my train to head down to the Phillies game I managed to snag SEPTA's lone ALP-44, #2308, on its R3 express run.

Well hope you enjoyed the show. Next week we attend the 2011 SEPTA Rail Rodeo.

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