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Saturday, June 8, 2002

02-06-08 CLASSIC PHOTOS: New York City / Metro North Trip

This is another installment in my "classic" series where I go back into the archives and re-process photo sets that didn't get the exposure they deserved back when my web hosting space was much more limited. These photos were chopped down into small sizes that could be handled in the 56k era and then pulled from my web space to make room for new offerings.

Today's photos were taken in June of 2002 and with photos nearly a decade old that means its time for another installment of the "Things that aren't around anymore Drinking Game". The rules are simple, when you see something in a photo that's not around anymore, you take a drink!!

If you would like to play the game on your own you can find the full set of photos here.

We begin at Hamilton, NJ where then new HHP-8 #661 passes by with a southbound regional train. See the cafe car on the front in Phase III livery? That means you take a drink. Also the Regional configuration of Business Class->Cafe Car->Coaches means you should make that a double.

Please drink again in honor of NJT ALP-44 #4409 pushing a consist of single level coaches on the NEC at LANE interlocking.

Bottoms up for these PA-1/3's sitting on the Newark storage tracks.

Don't worry, you can take a little break for this shot of the upper level of DOCK tower.

No anti-terrorist fence at HACK draw, that counts for a drink.

The PATH smashboards are still in place so use this time to refill your glass.

"Approach Slow" on the 738 signal with a drink-worthy train of PA-1/4's approaching from the opposite direction.

Crossing over at WR interlocking. That crazy cantilever mast for westbound trains has since been replaced by regular masts so take another drink.

Oh dear, looks like all the rain that morning has caused a bit of a landslide :-( Drink for the new concrete retaining wall that was installed soon after in the Bergen cut.

Into the PATH portal east of Jorunal Square.

M-1s on Metro-North framed by the route indicators on the former NYC signal gantry on approach to MO interlocking. Drink for the M-1s.

You may take a mulligan and count the previous M-1 drink toward this train inbound approaching MO interlocking on the Hudson Line.

P32AC-DM #220 at Harmon. Drink for whatever is being built in the foreground.

Drink for FL-9 #2014 prepped for shuttle service at Harmon.

Drink for ACMU #1138 at Harmon.

Take half a drink for HM tower still under renovation.

Two drinks for Amtrak Phase IV painted P32AC-DM and Phase III painted cafe car on an Empire train. Take another drink for the cafe car service that was still offered on these trains.

DV tower at the Amtrak Empire Line split.

Drink for the un-renovated MO tower.

Drink for Flushing Line Redbird #9559.

Drink twice for Redbirds hanging out in an unrehabilitated Corona Yard.

Drink for the US&S signals and pneumatic point machines at the Willets Point interlocking.

Take a double shot for a Mets team that not only made the playoffs, but also the World Series!!! :-P

Two drinks here for the Commarrow IB in NJT service and the PATH K-Cars in work train service.

For anyone wondering what the front of DOCK tower looks like, here you go.

Drink for the Penn Central station sign on the Elizabeth NJ PATH station.

Drink for the disused PRR era station shelter at Monmouth Junction.

Arrow III pantograph made by the United Knitting Machine corporation.

Arrow III train at Hamilton.

NJT Arrow III #1480 departing Hamilton.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little trip back in time and if you actually played the drinking game with any sort of hard liquor you might want to see medical attention. Stay tuned for additional throwback photo series in the future.

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