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Saturday, March 15, 2014

14-03-15 PHOTOS: Winter Roundup

The first third of the year is normally my slow season for photos. Not sure why, but usually its because I am not planning any major trips anywhere and also its cold and grey and wet out so there's no much opportunity for good photos. This year wasn't much different, but I did get a few dribs and drabs in over the months so I am jamming them together into a single post.

We start off in January where I was left with some time to kill while a friend rode his horse. Fortunately he was riding next to the former B&O Old Main Line and I had enough time to run down and catch some CSX action. The OML is popular with coal trains headed to/from the Port of Baltimore and Hazmats bypassing DC.

Here in the first video a pair of CSX AC4400's #135 and #44 lead an eastbound coal train past the Milepost 36 automatic signal with ES44AH #727 and AC4400 #491 helping on the rear.

Still photo of #727 and #491 helping on the rear.

A few minutes later a westbound train of empties appeared with CSX AC4400's #6 and #373 leading.

Video of that train as well.

During a trip over President's Weekend I stopped by DAVIS interlocking in Newark, DE and got this photo of a southbound Regional headed by Amtrak HHP-8 #653.

Over by the new Newark station a short NS freight was preparing to head out of the old Chrysler Yard with NS C40-10W #7557 providing the power.

It wasn't long before it pulled past the ADA platform and I got a video of it taking the Restricting signal at DAVIS before pulling onto the Del-Mar-Va secondary.

NS SD60M #6806 hung back coupled to a crude oil train in the yard.

I said this was going to be a bit random so here is an evening shot of MARC HHP-8 #4915 on track #5 at Baltimore's Penn Station.

Baltimore light rail train #5025 laying over at Hunt Valley.

Same train with one of the dwarf position lights used in non-signal territory.

Ran into a guy with an Ari 16 motion picture. Eat your heart out Phil Nasidowski :-)

He was also equipped with a vintage large format Crown Graphic still camera.

Back to Penn Station here is Amtrak AEM-7 #924 arriving with a southbound Regional 131.

A few days later I encountered Northbound Regional 172 with new ASC-86 #600.

While Amtrak Crescent Train 19 pulled in with AEM-7 #914.

Well that about covers it. Tune in next time for what will probably be something with classic photos.

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