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Friday, March 15, 2002

02-03-15 CLASSIC PHOTOS: Spring Break Subtrip

Due to my 2010 C&O Main Line Survey taking a solid two weeks to process I scrambled a bit and pulled together a gem from the classics bin dating way back to the spring of 2002. Don't worry, this isn't just a repost/ I reprocessed all of the photos to bring them up to modern standards of quality and resolution and also posted the whole set online which I didn't start doing regularly until late in 2003.

It's a pretty straightforward set of photos. While on Spring Break from school I took a day to travel up to New York City to ride around the subway. To get there I caught NJT from the Hamilton Station and while in the city I ended up at Myrtle Ave and 4th Ave. Can't remember what else I did, but that's where I have photos from XD

Anyway you can check out the full set of photos right here. Today's photo set can be made part of a drinking game. Every time you see something that is no longer in service, take a drink!!!

As I was still a student and Governor Fatass hadn't raped the public transport budget yet NJT stiff offered these things called Off Peak Fares so I hung out at the Hamilton station taking photos until the first off-peak train arrives. First to arrive was an Arrow III trainset with 1378 in the front and you have to take a drink for the RTX fares.

And 1440 on the rear.

Still waiting for the fares to drop here is another Arrow III train with 1454 on the rear.

Here ALP-44 #4405 pulls in with a southbound reverse peak train. Who knew that despite its modern appearance this class of locomotives was falling apart and would need to be retired less than 10 years later.

Oh man, I remember these dinosaurs and here is one in its native habitat. Amtrak E60 #603 at the head end of a long distance train moving at the leisurely pace of 90mph on the local track. And look, there's this thing called a "crew dorm" that allows the train crew to avoid using revenue space in the Viewliner. What a novel concept. Two drinks btw.

The ACLEA Express trainsets were little more than a year into service when 2028 shot by my painfully slow Arrow III just before the Princeton Jct station.

To show you how slow my Arrow III was we were passed by second ACELA trainset while passing through UNION interlocking.

HUDSON tower was still manned and routing trains though the old Manhattan transfer area.

ALP-44M #4424 was only 7 years old, but it too was destined for the scrap heap. Only the very best equipment for NJT!! (Now how much was that fare hike?) Here the ALP is making the move through KEARNEY JCT to run up the ramp to the NEC.

DB Drawbridge was still in service for Boonton Line trains for at least another few months. That's a drink each for the interlocking station, the service and the line!

Cutting over to the NYC Subway now we see an eastbound brown (M) train taking the crossing route at Myrtle Ave with R42 cars #4728 and 4729. That's another two drinks ;-)

Here an eastbound express J train with R42s makes a Myrtle Stop on the center track. 

The J train proceeds eastbound as we look past the single slip switches at Myrtle Ave interlocking.

The interlocking tower at Myrtle Ave. Don't worry, it was still out of service back in 2002 so that doesn't require a drink.

Ah, here's another two drink photo. A G train making the relay move at 4th Ave Interlocking on the IND Culver Line. Not only does the G no longer terminate here, but all of the switches have been torn out for a rehabilitation project.

Famous Subtalker Spider Pig relaxed in front of the 4th Ave tower...which is technically still open so no drink for you this time.

An F train stopping on the side platform at 4th Ave. Yup, take a drink because the F train is not using temporary platforms there.

I don't know what sort of service pattern this is, but it sure sounds mighty tasty with Gin. Speaking of which take a drink, this little spelling fail was fixed, but you can still make out the original letters if you look closely.

Everybody's favorite railroad mascot sitting outside of Madison Cube Garden.

Yay, another E60. He would soon by on his way at the head of a southbound Clocker. Take one drink for #605 here and another for the Clocker service.

UNION tower closed closed a little more than 8 years later. 

#4403 also on the storage line at the MMC seen here pushing a train out of Hamilton in the twilight.

 OMGWTF!! It's NJT #l33t!!! EPIC WIN!!

I am going to go out with this night shot of Arrow III #1453 departing Hamilton Station. If you actually bothered with the drinking game you might want to check yourself into a hospital about now :-\

Tune in next week for a return to the present and some more mainline rail freight action on the former C&O Main Line via Amtrak's Cardinal.

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