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Thursday, December 26, 2013

13-12-26 PHOTOS: SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip XIII

So the 13th Annual SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip was built around the opening of the new Pennsauken Transportation Center which would enable direct transfer between the RiverLINE and the NJT Atlantic CityLINE. One of the hallmarks of Philly transit is that most lines cross over and connect with other lines allowing for a large number of "circle" style types and MWT 13 would combine this newest circle with two of the more well worn ones.

The basic schedule was as follows. We would begin with a trip out on a Rt 13 trolley to Darby and then return on a Rt 11 with a stop off at the famous CSX/SEPTA grade crossing. From there it was back to 30th Street Station where we picked up the NJT ACL train to the new Pennsauken Transfer. The connection to the RiverLINE was a bit tight and some of the participants who happened to bring small children got left behind, but due to a surplus of time the advance section of the trip returned to and picked them up. After a brief trip back across the river on PATCO we had lunch then made a Broad Street Subway loop to Fern Rock, returning to City Hall for a transfer to the MFL which we took to 69th St in order to transfer to a Rt 100 car to Bryn Mawr. Finally we took a walking transfer to the Bryn Mawr R5 station for a photo op before returning on an R5.

If that was a bit confusing here is a little map.

If you are interested in the full set of photos you can find them here

As always the MWT tries to kick itself off with an informal trip on PATCO for those who can be bothered to roust themselves out of bed in the morning. I have been wanting to capture a railfan window video of an express run in from Lindenwold and MWT 12's attempt was a bit rainy. This year there wasn't any rain, but being 8am in December it was of course cold and grey. Still, if you have 20 minutes check out the whole thing and if you don't just watch the express portions.

Skipping ahead to the Yeadon loop we find SEPTA K-Car #9029 which had just dropped us off after a trip from downtown. Only a few Rt 13 trolleys continue through all the way to the Darby TC, but we didn't mind the transfer as it allowed for more photo ops.

Trolley bunching with #9040 pulling into the Yeadow loop and #9021 continuing to Darby TC.

K-Cars #9062 and #9011 hanging out at the Darby loop/Transportation Centre.

The level crossing between the Route 11 and the CSX Philly Sub is still conducting its ongoing experiment with metal fatigue, but the replacement of the traditional diamonds with flange riding diamonds did not seem to fix the problems with localized pavement subsidence.

BTW note this is 5'2.5" PA trolley gauge crossing standard gauge tracks.

Here we see K-Car #9045 approaching the crossing.

Provide some of the sounds and sights of trolleys crossing the big boy railroad tracks I switched to shooting videos that I then arranged into a little montage.

Using the converted semaphore signal as a foreground prop we took an early group photo since some of the people would need to leave early. No need to enumerate everybody since you know who you are ;-)

Skipping ahead to the Pennsauken Transfer here is NJT Comet V cab car #6081 and its engineer waiting for the signal to proceed southward to Atlantic City. There is quite a bit of schedule padding on the ACL in case they are delayed getting off the NEC at SHORE.

Power was being provided by NJT GP40PH-2C #4209.

NJT MoW forces had almost succeeded in raising the old main track up so that the trains could platform on the opposite platform.

Conrail SAA power in Pavonia Yard consisting of NS high hood GP38-2 #5221 and CSX SD40-2 #8815

Pavonia Engine House with a matched pair of NS GP38-2s with #5278 and #5279.

RiverLINE LRV with #3506B departing towards the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Because the MWT tries to avoid leaving people behind the main group returned to the Transfer Center to pick up those who were too slow to make the first train. We were eventually rewarded with Red Wrapped LRV #3515.

Jumping ahead past lunch here are some Broad Street Line cars laying over at Fern Rock.

Video of a BSS train arriving off the loop track onto Track 3.

Tail end of a BSS train arriving off the loop and onto track #1 with B-IV car #568 on the rear.

Jumping ahead again to 69th Street we find a pair of N5 cars #'s 136 and 152 arriving from Norristown.

Pair N5's waiting at the 3-track 69th St terminal. Photos both with and without railfans.

Video of SEPTA Route 100 N5 cars #138 and #147 departing Bryn Mawr and into a 15mph speed restriction.

After a short walk to the Bryn Mawr R5 station we caught the beginning of the evening parade of trains out of Center City. Here is SL-IV #304 leading a train past the 1915 Bryn Mawr substation.

Same train, different SL-IV (#459) passing the closed Bryn Mawr tower.

Inbound SL-V train with #847 on point arriving at the station.

Golden hour sunlight catching #847's 'F' End.

We will finish up with a video montage of everything else that passed by the station that day. This includes an outbound SEPTA R5 Bryn Mawr local short turning and dead heading back to the city, followed by an outbound Amtrak Keystone train and finally an outbound SEPTA R5 local.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the photos and for those that attended the trip I hope you had a good time. Here's to many more successful MWT's to come!!

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