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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

13-05-22 PHOTOS: California Sunset

San Francisco has a lot more to offer than just Caltrain and while I didn't have a lot of free time on this trip I did manage to get away for a trip down the F market to the Castro terminal, an early morning ride on the California Cable Car Line and finally a trip out the L Travel to the pacific Ocean to catch a California sunset.

You can find the complete set of photos here.

We begin at the Powell Line >Market St turntable, where MUNI has decided to install a dwarf signal to help the cable car operators know when the turntable track is spotted in the correct location. Here we see MUNI cable car #10 taking a spin on the turntable and showing the operation of the signal.

Here we see former NJT NCS PCC, now MUNI #1076 in a DC Transit paint scheme approaching the Powell St stop on the F market heritage streetcar line. Unlike the former SEPTA cars, the NJT PCC's still have openable rear windows with allowed me an unobstructed view out the back.

Eventually I realized that taking still out the back was sort of pointless so I switched to video for the ride between Gough St and Castro.

MUNI #1076 at Castro.

Wide view of the Castro station with potted plants. Castro St was renamed after the Cuban revolutionary by local counter-culture sympathizers in the early 1960's and I am sure that 50 years later he would be honored by everything the area now stands for.

The dark side to the new Urbanism...the trolley tracks connecting the F Market to the Twin Peaks tunnel have been paved over by a pop-up park!! Note all the wire diamonds where the single trolley wire crosses several lines of trolleybus wire. BTW a trolleybus line was also cut by the park.

Both the diamonds and frogs were able to support both pantograph and trolley pole operations. 

Old meets new. LED street lamp mounted on a trolley wire support pole.

MUNI #15 at the Mason St turntable.

San Francisco Bay sparkling at twilight.

Bay bridge and Telegraph Hill from Lombard St.

MUNI double ended Cable Car #52 at the Market St turnback.

Full line video of the California cable car route from Market to Van Ness.

#52 at the Van Ness terminal.

#49 heading west at Hyde St.

Grace Cathedral at Taylor St.

Powell Line single ended car #17 at Sacramento St.

Encore video of a quick ride down the Powell St line from California Ave to Post St.

MUNI #17 at Post St.

MUNI LRV #1508A on the L Traval route making the turn off Traval St towards the SF Zoo.

Sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.

Video of the same.

Flying back I was treated to a Southwest 737-800 with a brand new "Sky" interior.

Glen Canyon Dam from above.

While waiting for a train home from the airport at the BWI Airport Station I happened to catch three trains in close succession all while a thunderstorm passed through the area. First train is northbound train 536 running express past BWI with MP36PH-3C #10 and #19 providing the power to haul 8 bi-level coaches. It then passed southbound train #445 as it makes a stop at the BWI station with bi-level cab car #7854 followed by a single level coach, 4 additional bi-levels and Mp36PH-3C #18. Finally, a few minutes later, northbound train #438 arrives with HHP-8 #4914 and 7 bi-levels.

MARC Bi-level cab car #7854 at the head of train #445 making a stop at the BWI rail station.

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