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Saturday, December 15, 2012

12-12-15 PHOTOS: More Streetcar Santa

You might remember how in 2011 I stopped by the Baltimore Streetcar Museum during the month of December when it was running its special holiday service with Santa, you know, for the kids. Well all those free cookies and hot chocolate could not be resisted and I gathered some friends together and made the trip again this past holiday season. Not much more to say except you can see the whole set of photos here.

I got there early enough to catch the volunteers shuffling cars around in order to get ready for that day's service. Here car #6119 is making a backup move with the motorman at the special rear control stand.

The Santa car was supposed to be ex-SEPTA car #2168, but it was having problems so former BTCo cat #7407 was trotted out as a substitute.

Also out on display that day was the snow sweeper C-145, here standing in front of #6119.

#417 has a strong claim to being the world's oldest electric streetcar and here it is still under restoration, but now moving under its own power.

Wow, the restoration makes 417 look factory fresh.

#264 was waiting out on the loop for that day's non-Santa service.

After getting some quick repairs #2168 was taken out for a test run on the main line.

While 7407 waited on the loop with Philly's own Bill Monaghan ready to take the controls of whichever PCC will be assigned to the service.

Luckily #2168 was fixed so things had to be shuffled around a bit once again, this time with car #264 in the way as it prepares for the day's non-Santa service.

#264 in front of the museum with the conductor changing the poles.

#7404 and #2168 sitting together on the loop as the decision is made to use 2168 for the Santa Service.

#2168 is chosen so Santa has to switch cars.

#7404 then departs run around the far loop before returning to the bar.

#2168 moves up to accept passengers along side #264.

Normally the single truck #4533 is a mainstay of the standard weekend service, but apparently it just had some of its gears repacked with grease and needed to get run in without passengers.

#2168 full of passengers after arriving back after a Santa Run at the loop.

I was told to go out and take some pictures of #234, which has now been reduced to the level of parts donor due to massive structure issues, including a roof propped up with lumber.

#2168 returning after another Santa run. As it was getting late I decided to actually go out on the next run.

Santa on board #2168 later in the day.

I hung around until it got dark, giving me the opportunity to take some photos of the BSM with #264 at night.

Well that's it for Baltimore. Next week will be my photos from the 12th annual SEPTA Mid-Winter trip.

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