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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

12-02-28 VIDEOS: Caltrain and MUNI in HD!

You may remember back to my first set of Caltrain videos documenting the entire line between San Jose and the San Francisco King St terminal. I say set because I had to present it in the form of a Playlist due to the various limitations of video length on YouTube with breaks occurring at the station stops. Moreover due to the memory card capacity of my older camera I could only shoot about an hour of standard definition video which was insufficient and forced me to cut in some previous head end video I had taken.

Well today thanks to my ability my YouTube account having no length limit and my camera using 16GB SD cards I can now shoot over 80 minutes of 720p HD video on a single go and with all of the old fretting about card space out the window I could sit back and let the video run. So if you have the next 53 minutes free sit back and enjoy the ride on Caltrain's 4:25 departing 5-stop Baby Bullet run between San Jose and San Francisco.

If you are still up for more here are a pair of videos taken from the front running board of MUNI cable cars running on the Hyde Line. The first is from Powell Street to Hyde Street via Jackson and the second is from the Beach terminal all the way to Union Square in the opposite direction. Enjoy.

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