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Monday, December 27, 2010

10-12-26 VIDEO: PATCO in the Snow

While the previously discussed festivities involving the post-blizzard SEPTA system was cut short by a particularly mean spirited pig in a poke, it had the small silver lining of leaving me in a mood to salvage something something from the day as well as get back at the man. So when I nabbed the front seat on a PATCO train at 15/16th and Locust I noticed that the operator had closed the curtain to prevent anyone from looking in....but also preventing him from looking out which meant I was free to take video from the front of the train without harassment.

While the window was its typical dirty self, I was able to get reasonable videos that culminated with a dual departure on the platform at Haddonfield. Anyway you can watch the entire trip from Broadway to Haddonfield, in 4 parts broken up at station stops, right here.

If you are interested in specific parts here we begin at the Broadway portal, through the short Mickle St overbuild and then up onto the old PRSL viaduct before proceeding to Ferry Ave.

Here we continue on one of the longer runs on PATCO between Ferry Ave and Collingswood where the train encounters the newly re-affixed track on the elevated PATCO viaduct.

Continuing on we leave Collingswood, pass over a crossover and then arrive at Westmont also on a viaduct.

Finally we trade the viaduct for a trench as we dive below street level to enter the Haddonfield station where I planed to exit the train with the camera rolling in order to capture any sparks from the third rail upon departure. However I was doubly lucky when I discovered a westbound train already at the platform and I was able to capture both taking off side by side.


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