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Saturday, May 8, 2010

10-05-08 PHOTOS: National Train Day

When Amtrak is offering triple (or more) points for travel on National Train Day, one would be stupid not to take up offer. This is my second year in a row traveling on NTD, which in 2009 I used to complete my epic survey of the PRR Main Line. This year my ambitions were much more modest and in fact I can't even remember the reason for the journey. To be honest the pictures aren't all that remarkable either, but dagnabit they MUST be shared!!

You can find the full selection here, but you won't be missing much unless you like pneumatic point machines.

We begin with a CSX MoW gang working on the Philadelphia High Line. That overpass is brought to you by the University of Pennsylvania.

The famous 30th St Solari Board still going strong!

Various tables and displays set up for NTD.

A selection of tableware that isn't actually used on Amtrak dining cars.

A poster about Amtrak's role in the 2009 World Series (which probably shouldn't have been mentioned in Philly -.- )

On my trip back to NJ on PATCO the operator was choosing to be anti-social with the privacy screen thing completely closed. Fortunately this allowed me to take some video from the front seat. Due to the trackwork on the Collingswood viaduct we had to make crossover moves at Ferry Ave and Westmont. Sorry about the crappy windows. PATCO hasn't bother to wash its fleet in about a decade.

I have a real knack for being on the Haddonfield station platform when ACL train roll by. Here is NJT #4145 pushing an eastbound train.

Second to last pair of the PATCO Vickers cars departing Haddonfield eastbound.

The PATCO boys were still rebuilding the eastbound track of the Collingswood Trestle when I was making my return.

Silverliner IV #324 at 30th St Station.

MARC K-Bi-Lever #7854 on the storage track at Penn Station.

Finally a video of Amtrak AEM-7 #928 as the engineer jumps in the cab and takes the Regional train southbound out of Baltimore Penn Station.

Well that's it for the pair of "soft" posts I had. Stay tuned next time for a new epic post on my trip to Georgia via the scenic route.

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