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Thursday, April 15, 2010

10-04-15 PHOTOS: Spring Cleanup

Spring is always my off season for Railfnaning due to the rainy weather and lack of paid holidays. However in 2010 I did manage to accumulate a number of photos over the course of the season and because they didn't really have a consistent narrative I have thrown them into a sort of cleanup batch. The photos consist of some CSX action in downtown Baltimore, a smattering of WMATA pics and a few SEPTA pics taken around 30th St Station.

You can see the entire set here:

We begin with a Baltimore Metro Budd car at the Oweings Mills terminal. Is it just me or do people find transit systems that don't post train numbers on the front or quarter post really irritating?

DC Metro Rohr car #1055 with an Air Conditioned #3027.

It appears that those stupid Metro escalators are good for something...time lapse photography.

Alstom Car #6025 at Greenbelt.

Cutting to downtown Baltimore, a short distance from the stadium complex we find at the Leadenhall St grade crossing on the east leg of Bailey's Wye that while the old school crossing cantilever masts have been replaced, the CPL's remain.

Somehow I failed to notice that the dwarf signal was displaying a Slow Clear for a movement routed off the Locust Point Branch.

So I was pleasantly surprised when a lite engine move headed by SD40-2 #8091 showed up.

Along with another SD40-2 #8150.

And 8204.

They continued on to take the SLOW APPROACH SLOW signal at BAILEY interlocking.

Back in New Jersey I was waiting for a PATCO train when an eastbound ACL train passed through the Trench en route to Atlantic City. It was headed up by NJT C-IV #5013.

I got video too!

And a parting shot of NJT Geep #4201.

Moving to 30th St here is a shot of the double slip switch that is used by trains on the Powlerton Yard ready tracks to access the main line.

No IIs or IIIs today. Just Silverliner IV #278.

Of course there were a pair of IIs and IIIs present for my previous ACL Line, a video of which I forgot to post at the time so give it up for SL-II # 207 and SL-III # 222.

Also in the "Whoops I Forgot" bin is this side window video taken from an ACL train passing through the northern section of PENN interlocking showing which switch pneumatic switch machines have been replaced by electric models and which have not.

Amtrak Dining car #8521 in the consist of an LD train.

Another train of Silverliner IVs on approach to PHIL interlocking with #132 in the lead.

Well that's it for the photos. Please check out the extended video offerings in a followup post.

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