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Sunday, December 27, 2009

09-12-27 PHOTOS: Nostalgia PATH

Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Railfan, I ride it so you don't have to!

While the fate of the 2010 Nostalgia Train is still in flux I thought I might usher in the holiday season with a few photos from last years Nostalgia Train. After I had so much fun riding the 2008 train I returned in 2009 partly to complete a full set of videos of the shortened V route in the Southbound direction. I was also lucky enough to draw a set of the older cars on PATH both in and out of the city and yaddie yaddie yadda I have stills and video of the above ground segments.

Anyway, without further McAdoo you can find all of the Nostalgic photos here.

We begin on a classic PA-1/3 pulling out of Newark Penn Station. Early on a Sunday morning there were hardly any riders in the rear car who could might be in a position to object to someone taking photos out the back. Also, sitting in the real railfan seat there was, and I kid you not, a dude dressed in Wahhabi Islam garb (white robe, red checked head thinggie) with a long beard and reading a Koran. I figured that next to him even a railfan taking photos wouldn't look suspicious XD

Anyway, as we pulled out onto DOCK draw an inbound PA-1/3 trainset was pulling in.

Departing Harrison I noticed Amtrak has installed a brand new signal gantry for westbound trains into DOCK interlocking. It was not yet in service and it seems that Amtrak still can't gets its act together on the proper shape of the lower head backings for PRR type signals.

Caught an AEM-7 hauled regional passing under the signals for the newish REA interlocking.

A single unit PA-1/3 car was trundling around the Harrison yard under the care of a hostler.

The diamonds on the PATH main line that are interlocked as part of Amtrak's HUDSON interlocking. NJT #4303 sits patiently in Hudson Yard.

Moving onto the old PRR branch to Exchange Place we pass one of the PATH substations and the Karny pocket track with the NEC flyover in the background.

A CSX lashup was hanging out in the intermodal yard.

PATH is probably one of the last railroads to employ smashboards at its movable bridges. Here are the eastbound pair at the HACK movable bridge. 

And another set of old cars heading down the ramp to cross the Jersey flats.

That blue bridge cabin in HACK tower which controls not only this drawbridge, but the one next to it and several other nearby interlockings.

Rounding the curve through the west end of the Bergen Hill cut we pass yet another train of old cars.

Unfortunately the yard already has some evil intruders.

Departing JSQ I caught two more trains of old cars with one of the two putting on a little arc show.

Another set of old cars was sitting stored in the siding near the Chestnut interlocking signal gantry.

A short while later I saw PATH's "high" speed turnout that makes use of two A-10 pneumatic machines. This this has to be good for at least 40mph XD

Arriving downtown I got a picture of a southbound C train headed by R32 # 3783.

Due to a mistake trying to catch a 33rd St train at JSQ I ended up missing the northbound Nostalgia train departure so I took an E right to Queens Plaza where one of my friends from the West Jersey Chapter was waiting. Good thing that police box was empty or he probably would have been pounced for taking photos.

First videos. Queens Plaza all the way to Second Ave local.

While en route we received an, um, Approach Clear(?) from the tower operator.

Who the hell is this character? It looks as if he could Mongo Punch a horse 0.0

Being at 2nd Ave allowed for some photos such as these folks passing through behind the inter-car door control handles.

Railfans crowd the rear window of #100 before departure.

The footplate, anti-climbers and couplers of some of the cars.

One of the interior rollsigns sighed for a GG routing.

I rode the Nostalgia Train back to W 4th St where I was to transfer to get lunch in Brooklyn, but not before I shot this video of it departing.

Returning from Brooklyn to catch PATH I managed to intersect with the Nostalgia Train again st 34th St. and took a complete video of its arrival. Also I think I caught a member of ZZ Top makes at the end of the video.

At 34th St I also got one of the best pictures of the day.

Haven yaddie yaddied a number of stills in the morning I switched to video for the return trip. Here is a video from Journal Square to Harrison. Sorry for the back lighting, but the sun works counter to most of my travel into and out of the city. It's pretty watchable up until the Hudson Ramp.

The journey is completed in this video taken between Harrison and Newark Penn Station, our train arriving via the customary "secret" Platform H and 3/4. Again I am really sorry for the lighting.

At Newark I had a chance for some photos. Here is a PL42 on an RVL train facing off against the west end signals of DOCK interlocking. You can see how #5 track has been extended a couple hundred feet to the west to make room for longer RVL trains.

As expected my NEC Line NJT train failed to meet up with a RiverLINE train so I had some time to kill taking pictures from the overpass west of the station platforms. First up was an eastbound Regional making a hot station stop at Trenton.

Next we see NJT ALP-44 #4405 on the head of an Aces train crawling in behind the Regional.

On the ass end was NJT P40 #4800.

Soon the connecting SEPTA R7 made its departure (doors open) with S-IV #119 in the lead while NJT ALP-46 #4606 pushed in with an eastbound NEC line train.

The departure of the SEPTA local gave me a unique opportunity to capture the sound effects of a US&S A-5 pneumatic point machine throwing as the #45 switch was located directly below the road overpass.

That's it for now. Join me next time for a recap of the 2009 SEPTA Mid-Winter trip in anticipation of the 2010 Trip.

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