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Friday, October 5, 2007

07-10-05 PHOTOS: J/Zmaica El Westbound

 Well here is Part 2 of my Columbus Day weekend trip to Albany via Mineola and the J/Z. In Part 1 I showed off my photos from the LIRR's Mineola Station and interlocking, here I will show photos from my Railfan Window enabled survey of the Jamaica EL.  Because the NYCTA is foolishly scrapping its American Built, railfan window equipped rolling stock after ONLY 40 years, I had to document the J/Z Service before it was ruined for good.

Once again you can find the full set of pics at:

Now for the conclusion of my trip to Long Island.

Outbound J-Train of R40/42's heading over the LIRR Montauk Branch on the Jamaica El.

Bulb lit GT's at Crescent Street.

Approach Medium at the 432 signal at Broadway Junction.

Ramps and R40/2's abound as we pass another Approach Medium on the 380 signal at Broadway Jct.

Single slip switch ladder at Bway Jct.

Was this ever an active tower? West end of Broadway Jct.

Outbound J-Train local R40/42 trainset at Halsey.

We're going express! Diverging Clear at Myrtle Ave.

Lined for the express track over the single slip switches with an R40/42 pulling out at Myrtle Ave. Photos like this is why the loss of the Railfan Window will be so devastating.

Wider view, less blurry including tower.

Video from the express run as my train passes an outbound R40/42 M local.

Back to the local track, diverging clear at Marcy.

GT signal, Marcy Tower, the famous HSBC Dome and some non-railfanservice.

Ok ok, here's a clean shot ;-)

R40/42 J-Train on the Willy B approach.

 Heading up the ramp to the Willy B. Ouch, that traffic looks nasty. Despite the rumors, the Willy B has NOT fallen down.

Willy B plaque, someone needs to clean off that graffiti.

Signals askew on the Willy B.

Didn't this used to be open air here? And what's with all the timer signals. Can't the NYCTA trust its drivers to be professional and not overspeed the trains?

Anyway, after this I was back underground and picture time was over. Let me leave you with a shot of the improvised cantilever signal at CP-125 on the Hudson Line from my resumed Trip to Albany.

 And a video from my train taking a diverging route through CP-75 which marks the transition between Metro-North and Amtrak territory.

Hope you enjoyed the set. Give me feedback on what I should do with the videos.

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