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Saturday, March 11, 2006

06-03-11 PHOTOS: Baltimore Streetcars and LRVs

In March 2006 I took a small trip with a Baltimore trolley enthusiast to see the new double tracked northern segment of the Baltimore light rail. Also I got a chance to take some photos down at ye Olde Baltimore Streetcar Museum where they recently bought a fleet of Firesale SEPTA PCC's.

Anyway, I don't have much time here. The photos can be found at:

The BSM's flagship former BTCo PCC and the "new" SEPTA 2187 MoW pumpkin.

Front of former SEPTA PCC work car #2187

Front of the still working 2728 still in its silver PTC paint scheme.

Rear view of a PCC truck showing the gearbox and longitudinally mounted traction motor.

The Penn Station Shittle pulling out of Mt Royal with MTAM LRV #5001 in the Maryland Flag scheme.

Two-car train leaving the Pan-Timonium station to relay at Texas.  For two years the light rail line was shut down for double tracking and was only just restored with increased service over much of the line.  This station serves as a new northern terminal for half the trains.


 Relayed train about to head south over the new double track crossovers.


Open window on HHP-8 #4913 at Penn Sta. Not a good idea to leave the window open in Baltimore...train might not be there on Monday.

HHP-8 #4913 waiting out the weekend on Track #5 in Baltimore Penn Station.

 MARC GP40WH-2 #60 sitting on track #4 at the head of another commuter trainset.

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